About Us

How Bitcoin Pro Started

Bitcoin Pro started off as a reaction. The initial founding team was a handful of early Bitcoin investors. They noticed the coin before the boom in 2017 and were lucky enough to invest.

When the value of the coin blew up, they cashed in and used their newfound funds to setup Bitcoin Pro. The initial plan was for it to just be a Bitcoin trading platform. There were no grand ideas or goals; it was simply a platform to help people get involved in the Bitcoin industry.

Then Bitcoin mania ended, though. It slowly began to fade from the consciousness of the general public, and the team resented that.

Bitcoin was a massive opportunity for the everyman that was going completely under the radar, and they decided they needed to do something about this. That’s what led to the idea of Bitcoin Pro.

What was once a basic trading platform was becoming something greater. Now the goal was to bring attention back to the coin.


With a newfound focus, the founding team realized that they needed some help to get Bitcoin Pro to where they wanted it. Developing a system that didn’t just trade Bitcoin but actively brought new eyes to the industry was a lofty goal.

Not only did they need the technical skills to build the platform, but they needed the expertise of economic and marketing experts.

This led to an extensive period of recruitment. The team started off looking for programmers. There was no shortage of professionals looking to get on board, so the founders had a lengthy screening process ahead of them.

Eventually, they narrowed down the field and brought on a handful of programmers that they felt were best suited for the job. With this technical side of the platform taken care of, they began to move onto recruiting the other professionals needed to bring the Bitcoin Pro vision to life.

They onboarded a number of different professionals from various walks of life. Economists, analysts, marketers, and more were all made a part of the team.


With everyone we needed, the development stage of Bitcoin Pro was launched. We wanted to create a platform that wasn’t just a trading assistant but a full-fledged community tool to help get Bitcoin back into the mainstream eye.

We knew that beginner accessibility was going to be a vital part of the project, so we spend a significant amount of time making sure our user interface was easy to understand. We stripped away all of the facts, figures, and charts that you would see with other Bitcoin trading platforms. This allowed us to focus solely on the essentials, taking the complication out of using the platform and making it easier for a beginner to find their way around the platform.

After we were confident in our UI, we started working on the actual trading software. This was a massively difficult task. We wanted to create an algorithm that done the market research automatically. Beginner traders aren’t going to care for sifting through market graphs for hours before executing a trade.

How we wanted the algorithm to perform this task, though, was a question that still remained unanswered. The programming team worked on this problem for months before a solution finally presented itself. We came up with a fascinating idea that scanned both market trends and social forums to determine the direction that Bitcoin is heading in at any given time.

Having the idea was one thing, but creating it was another hurdle entirely.

The team worked long days for months on end, trying to get this algorithm to work. Every time we took one step forward, another thing would go wrong.

Eventually, though, we hit a breakthrough. We got a prototype version of the system up and running and released it to a handful of beta testers.


The feedback that we got from the beta tests was phenomenal. Aside from a few minor issues that we needed to iron out, Bitcoin Pro was working well beyond anyone’s highest expectations. It was only another two months before we were ready to launch, which takes us up to the point we’re at now.

Bitcoin Pro has launched to a staggering response. The initial wave of signups far exceeded our initial predictions, and the number of users has only increased since then.

We now have a thriving community of Bitcoin traders that all share the same goal that we do.

We want you to be a part of this community, too, which is why we’re continuing our work on Bitcoin Pro well into the future.

We’re going to continue developing and optimizing every area of our platform. We’re not going to rest until Bitcoin starts making headlines again. We’ve served as the steppingstone on many people’s Bitcoin journey, and we hope that we can do the same for you.